Patterson closed for 2009-2010 school year

Founded 1909

Founded 1909

The Patterson School has been a integral part of Caldwell’s and surrounding counties’ history and heritage for 100 years. Over those years the school has educated many local citizens and has contributed many millions of dollars to the local economy. The status of the school is of great concern to, not just its students and employees, but also to Caldwell County and the surrounding communities.

Unfortunately the world economic crisis of the last few years has presented the school with significant challenges. Donations and fully-paid enrollment have declined while expenses have increased sharply. This has resulted in the school running a deficit for the last few years and that deficit has grown unmanageable.

Rather than continuing to run an unacceptable deficit, the Board of Trustees decided to lay-off the entire staff at the end of the current school year. This was a difficult and painful decision but one we felt we had no choice but to make.

Our employees have shown outstanding loyalty and concern in order that our students could complete the school year. The Board of Trustees wishes to publicly commend these exemplary teachers, administrators, and support staff.

We intend to preserve Samuel and Mary Patterson’s vision of preparing God’s children for a bright future as responsible, productive citizens. We ask all who read this to join us in praying for the school, its former employees, and its Board of Trustees during this crisis.

We hope that The Patterson School will remain an integral part of the community for another 100 years.

The Patterson School Board of Trustees

W. J. “Jim” Hogan, Vice Chairman
Janet H. Spoon, Secretary

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